Saturday, 16 July 2011


If only he had some idea. Look at that pristine knee he's got there. Bastard.

My knee swad in the doctor prescribed support which did literally nothing. God bless the NHS.

The Caribbean? Cornwall.

Or Mrs. Baggit will come after you when you're asleep.

Walking out from St. Ives.


A little game called 'Follow the Acorn or you'll get lost and end up getting abused by locals.'

Boscastle harbour.

Golf - Kills more people in Cornwall than you might expect.

Most of the views didn't look like this.

Me, mum and my brother, Luke. Yes, he does always look that miserable.

Me and Ol' Blue. That tent protected me from wind, rain and cow. It did however, start to smell a little like gone off houmous.

The three of us again. Luke is smiling, contrary to my earlier caption. Can you trust anyone these days?

The Lonely Hiker.

With Ol' Blue on the very first evening in Porlock Weir.

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