Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A longer day than I'd anticipated.

Day two - Porlock Weir - Lynton/Lynmouth - Combe Martin - Exhaustion.

Set off bright and early from Porlock Weir, having gotten up for a five AM breakfast of peanut butter on flame licked bread. Had everything up and packed away by six and decided to be off - I had an awfully long day ahead. I must admit right away that I cheated a little and strayed from the coast path and opted to head inland instead. I realise that swaying away from the path is foulplay but if I'm to do this in decent time I'll need a little ingenuity.

As it was I rather wish that I'd stuck to the path. The first half of the walk was easy enough, making it into Lynton (or is it Lynmouth?)in four hours, as opposed to the six it's supposed to take. I did this largely without any breaks and would love to tell you all about the scenery but I find myself unable to - largely because the road I took was hedged on both sides. I was also almost run over by a bus. What glimpses I did get of coast were gorgeous, but might I recommend to anyone else doing the walk, stay on the correct path and don't veer off.

Lynton to Combe Martin was better and took in the end, about five hours. I had my bag sent on ahead of me to the Newberry Farm campsite which I'd heard good things about and set off. Again, I took a slight detour which I was sorry about afterwards (I missed some wonderful scenery) but it was still a beautiful walk, even if the weather let me down. Cooking on my emergency stove at the highest point on the Coast path was good, and I discovered a recipe for what I've now christened 'Infinite Soup' - simply cook and eat it in a monsoon. It gets a little diluted towards the end, but you're full enough. I felt a little bad for the croutons which were washed over the sides like helpless bready passengers of the Titanic.

I must apologise for a lack of pictures from today - there are a few, but if I'm honest, I'm not a big fan of taking photographs and was quite glad to see my camera disappearing off towards Combe Martin campsite with my bag. I did take a couple on my phone and you're welcome to take a gander at those.

In the evening, dad drove down once more to bring me my passport (turns out twenty two year olds need ID in these here parts) and we went for dinner and a couple pints in the Pack O'Cards, quite easily the best pub in Combe Martin. A listed building, it's symmetrical on each side and does good food in a lovely warm atmosphere. I had a curry and a pint of Tribute - a beer I'm seeing a lot of down here.

On a final note, little bit anxious that my knee's aching already - I have pushed it hard today mind.


  1. I'm sorry you seem to be in such a hurry. This walk is best savoured over a long period of time and not rushed through. If you wanted a challenge like that you should have done the Pennine Way. Equal in challenge but shorter and a month would have been plenty! I don't think you would have seen any difference in fundraising ability.

    I'll stick with you & make a £10 donation when you make it to Lands End!

  2. Heh, thankyou very much! £10 is very generous.

    I'll definitely be back one day to take the walk at a slower pace - it's a bit of monster at speed. I've done the Pennine Way before and wasn't a fan at all, it's a bit bleak isn't it?